Changing Directions

July 14

I'm flying over ice capped Greenland. This month I moved out of Gurgaon, left my job of five years, visited my parents for a bit and now I am on what is going to be my longest travel yet. 

Next to me, a girl of about twelve and her father are struggling to bridge a generation gap. I have so many thoughts that I cannot fall asleep. And yet I have SO many thoughts that it's a crowd in my head and it's impossible to think! 

July 23

I turned twenty eight this week. Older than my mother was when she had me and yet too young to know anything concrete and real about the world. But I know already, that the coming year will be unlike any other I have seen! 

For now I am in USA and preparing to leave for newer places in a month's time. Here are some pictures from Akhil's home and our road trip through Philadephia, NewPort, New York, Virginia Beach and Washington DC.