Italy - August 2017...

...was strange, bordering on surreal. The country hadn't changed at all since I last visited, but I was different. On some days I'd face the most beautiful landscapes and wonder why I wasn't ecstatic. I'd be treating myself to exquisite food, grateful for great company and still wonder what was missing. Maybe when you've dreamed of something for years, the feeling of mild numbness when you're finally at your destination can be disconcerting. 

So I looked harder at Italy, and captured as much of it as I could. In the end, I guess it worked :)  



The chaos in Naples is strikingly similar to that of India. The Adriatic Sea is the strangest and the most beautiful blue. The pastel matchbox houses in Procida still have a bit of my heart. And between capri, amalfi, positano, I forgot my little crisis for a while.