The Slower Hours

Diaries in the past have mostly been about chaos and variety and new sights. Futile attempts to fit hours of chaotic travel, city lights, new friends, dances, concerts, meals, celebrations, oddities [does anyone remember the Robot Restaurant?] into tiny Memorybank videos that barely last a minute.

I thought it would be nice to dedicate one of these to what it was really like sometimes, to be alone in a new place. Often I went hours without speaking to anybody, spending a bunch of time reading, scrutinising sunsets, staring at the ocean, chasing birds and observing plants. I did not record most of it, but found enough clips to recreate some of the mood :)



A month at a time

In October, my company granted me a sabbatical and I bounced around western Europe for the month.

I expected to get a lot done (ofcourse) about the projects I had planned- instead I took hundreds of futile pictures, laid around on lonesome Portuguese beaches for days, had an existential crisis and ate-drank-walked-repeated till I felt the nausea coming on!

Nevertheless, I made some happy progress [mind you, I am painfully far from actually finishing the projects] and the trip was some kind of I am left with zero regrets.

Come November, and I was back in Delhi, part-depressed, part-craving-some-real-work. A lot of beginnings- Modi decided to change the country [but left everyone in a cashless, queue-hogging, change-counting mess], Trump is going to be president of USA, I am learning to play the ukulele, Akhil scored a job, a bunch of my friends have weddings to plan, some of them have heartbreaks to heal, and the others are oscillating between being content and restive ! All in all a good month to look back at that existential crisis and have a second crisis about how to feel about it all.

Did I mention my new favourite city in the world? Porto! It's old and modern and crumbling and steel and slopes and river and beach and wine, francesinhas, art, plant-shops, books, and it is joy on the streets and good taste in general! GO there! Please! And take me when you go!

And today its December already, and I am thinking of the thing someone said about time passing faster as you grow older. I am as old as my Mum was when she had me and yet my life seems like just a collection of pictures. Or not. Its wonderful, really! Or is it? Okay third crisis coming on..



What makes you happy?

A few pictures that reflect my happiest moments from the last year. In each of these pictures, I was behind the lens, and far from home, feeling the sort of guilty pleasure that escaping from your responsibilities can bring. :D

That sort of pleasure and freedom has been long due this year. And so I JUST cannot wait to take off again!

27 in Nepal

Just got back from five days of awesome. They were jam-packed with boat rides, fireflies, swings overlooking lakes, surprise birthday cakes by the river, landslides and hours of waiting on the road, numerous puppy companions, gut-wrenching laughter, a lot of dancing, way too much beer and a bunch of new friends

Gallery for week 2 :)

Here are second week's images in no particular order. I'm out on a work trip again, so resuming this project as soon as I'm back!


I started an image-project on a strange whim last week. It's been 6 days already, and I am feeling more and more confident about making it last.  I travel for work it will be a challenge to keep it up while I'm away. But I'll try my best.  A lot of love to everyone who cared to write to me to support and encourage... :) 

Here's last week's entries, in no particular order :

Nothing is Mundane

My nature is to only seek refuge under creativity when I really need it. I reserve it for special occasions or paid projects, for vacations and heart-breaks. The result is sporadic bursts of creativity in one year- and blissful oblivion for another. Realising it today makes me feel like a bad friend of sorts. The kind that dials you when times are hard, uses your words to soothe her soul and disappears until the next tragedy.

This is an attempt to be a more reliable creative. To stick around to see what magic happens if I create something everyday till I no longer can. When does one run out of things to create? What do you capture when all the pretty things are far away? I guess you force yourself to find inspiration in things you stopped noticing long ago. On that note: #day2 for #distractionprojectforroy :)



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