Nothing is Mundane

My nature is to only seek refuge under creativity when I really need it. I reserve it for special occasions or paid projects, for vacations and heart-breaks. The result is sporadic bursts of creativity in one year- and blissful oblivion for another. Realising it today makes me feel like a bad friend of sorts. The kind that dials you when times are hard, uses your words to soothe her soul and disappears until the next tragedy.

This is an attempt to be a more reliable creative. To stick around to see what magic happens if I create something everyday till I no longer can. When does one run out of things to create? What do you capture when all the pretty things are far away? I guess you force yourself to find inspiration in things you stopped noticing long ago. On that note: #day2 for #distractionprojectforroy :)



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Camera Therapy

Last month I began to free fall into some strange, unsure, bipolar-ish rabbit hole in my mind. With a broken arm, there's no "let's go to the gym and take my mind off it!" And there's no "I can paint until we forget my woes." There is just sitting and waiting for the negativity to leave you alone. And then I thought "the camera!" If there is frustration - I might as well express it :) Welcome to my all new an-image-a-day kind of project! ‪#‎distractionprojectforroy‬ ‪#‎day1‬

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Calm, Beautiful Arambol

The eight days I took to be in Arambol, Goa last month might be the only time I travelled and made little effort to venture out and explore. There was no need for it. My hut on the beach. The rocks around the corner. It was all perfect. 

One Evening in Osaka

When I left for Japan I told myself I'd try to capture my stay through a short video. I returned instead with over 900 clips of the most beautiful country I have ever been to!!! I tried in vain to compile the clips into one video...and have now decided to give the smaller parts of the trip their very own video diaries :) These are the sights from one quiet but busy evening in the areas of Shinsekai and Dotonbori in Osaka. There was much more to see than I have managed to capture and I will try to narrate the remaining through another diary soon! 


We've all had a few times when being social was kind of difficult. When I travel I try to be open, social, and in general engage more with the people I meet. A few clips I had from some encounters from last month make the perfect compilation for a Video Diary, and a good way to remember how happy engaging with new people makes me! :)


Remember the tiny drawings I shared a few couple of posts ago? When I tired of their scale and detail, I went on to paint on giant walls, mostly covering them with giant trees. Sharing a few :)


The first one I ever painted was in the room I rented out while I was in college. I am posting this today because just half an hour ago [5 years after leaving that apartment], I paid my old landlord some money to cover the cost of painting over this mess :P


I did paint a bunch of other stuff in the middle, but here is the last of the trees. This one is special because, at more than twice my own height, its the largest painting I ever completed singlehandedly. Its also amongst the last of the larger paintings because two days after completing this painting I broke my right arm in a silly accident. I am definitely ready for more walls again! :D

    The second, and my favourite one was done for Anindita in Kolkata. The two days spent painting this were brimming with our new friendship. The most fun paid project I ever worked on!


The second, and my favourite one was done for Anindita in Kolkata. The two days spent painting this were brimming with our new friendship. The most fun paid project I ever worked on!

My First Video Diary

I knew I loved photographs since I saw a very special one of the sky when I was 13. The photographer was well above the clouds on a mountain top, and through his lens the clouds looked like sea waves.

When I was older I ditched the idea of photography for a piano, then some paints, eventually for an education in Communication Design and finally for a career in User Experience Design.

When I find the time and the inspiration, I go back to my first love and create pictures. Often these projects are no more than visual diaries. But last year on my very first trip to Europe, I had the courage to try work with video. 

Its a modest, amateurish first try, but its very special to me. I know now that I will be making many more of these tiny video diaries. I have a couple of more I'll be sharing soon :)

Meditational Inking

There was a time when you could see me sit still for long hours inking out tiny, detailed doodles. I have gotten busier and less patient with ink of late. Maybe this is just what I need to start over.


The Paint Project

Sharing my favorite personal project yet. Part photo-project and part playtime, The Paint Project is an ongoing study of the way dyes and paints mingle. I have never had so much fun as with these colors I captured..